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Savings Account1.0.0

This set of APIs enable end to end solution to create Saving Account. These APIs contains services like eligibility check, eKYC and Saving bank Account creation.

Product Eligibility Check Product Eligibility. Should be the entry point for all products. This API is used to check the product Eligibility for a customer. It will take customer unique identifiers (mobile number and Pan) and basis the same will be able to identify the customer.
Create Saving Account This API is used to create customer Saving Account. It will take consent details (otp, otpReferenceId), customer demographics details, branch details, and basis the same will be able to create new product. This is the final step in creating customer Saving Account journey
Consent OTP Generation This API is used to take the OTP consent from customer for product creation. It will take customer mobile number, product type, deviceId, otpReferenceId (otpReferenceId should be unique), applicationReferenceId and basis the same will be able to generate OTP.
Common Utility In this API there are two operations. state city master operation is used to list out the state name, state abbreviation, city name, city abbreviation, pin number. Second operation is get nearest branch records gives list branch records based on pin number or based on city name abbreviation.
Check Application Status Generic API to Check Product Application Status basis Application Reference Id.
Account StatementThis API returns account statement within a date range.


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